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1930 Meyer Drury Drive
Suite B
Arnold, MO  63010
Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement
The mission of VCA, in partnership with Christian parents, is to provide a loving, Christ centered environment of educational excellence so that our children may develop their gifts, knowledge, skills and energies to become servant leaders for the Kingdom of God. 

(Deut 6:7-8, Pro 9:10, Eph 6:4, Matt 22:37)
Vision Statement
We envision a Christ-centered, biblically based, discipleship school where students from Christian families will:
  • Learn that Jesus Christ is to be honored in all things and is the source of all truth and the foundation for all decisions;
  • Stand out among their peers in the tradition of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego;
  • Be able to defend their faith;
  • Be equipped to excel as they pursue higher education and a life of Christian service;
  • Be encouraged as they develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, morally and socially;
  • Have an affordable, first rate education experience in a community of fellow believers.