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1930 Meyer Drury Drive
Suite B
Arnold, MO  63010
Tuition, Registration Fees & Discounts
2020-2021 Tuition
$3000    Kindergarten
$4000    1st Grade
$5200   2nd - 5th Grades
$5400   6th - 8th Grades
$7000*  9th Grade
*A $1000 early-enrollment discount is available for 9th grade students registered by 3/31/20.

Multi-Child Tuition Discount
10%       3rd child discount
30%       4th child and up discount
The above discounts apply only to tuition and are applied to the lowest grade first.

NEW Family Discount
A $500/per child discount is available to families new to VCA (Grades 2 and up).
The above discount cannot be combined with the 9th grade early-enrollment discount.

Registration Fees
$  500    Registration Fee for 1st & 2nd child
$  400    Registration Fee for 3rd child
$      0    Registration Fee for 4th child & up
Registration fees are non-refundable

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