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8th Grade English


The English curriculum in 8th grade builds on the concepts taught in the sixth and seventh grades with many review exercises.  In addition, the concept of the noun clause is introduced.  Sentence diagramming continues.

Weekly spelling tests remains at twenty words, but weekly vocabulary increases to ten words.  During the sixth and seventh grades, students are also required to us their vocabulary words in proper sentences in addition to their weekly quizzes.  In the 8th grade, they are required to use them in a paragraph.


Poetry is the same as 7th grade with oral recitation.


For 8th grade writing, the paragraph is expanded into a five-paragraph essay.


Literature is the same as 7th grade with written and oral book reports.  During the fourth quarter, we study the book To Kill a Mockingbird. 

ABeka textbooks are used.

Sandra Lohutko

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