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1930 Meyer Drury Drive
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7th Grade English
















The English curriculum for 7th grade is similar to that of 6th grade except that it is more challenging.  The grammar curriculum builds on the parts of speech stressed in 6th grade and adds the study of adjective and adverb clauses and appositives.  Diagramming continues to be stressed.

Weekly spelling words increases to twenty and vocabulary to seven.  Quizzes over the twenty-four lessons are on Fridays.

Poetry is recited out loud each quarter and several oral impromptu speeches are required.

For writing, the study of the paragraph is continued with stresses on writing different kinds of paragraphs.  Emphasis is on making the students’ writing more interesting by varying sentence structure, etc.

Literature is studied in short-story format and through the use of quarterly book reports.  Just as in sixth grade, one book report is oral.  In addition, we study the book The Bronze Bow in depth during the fourth quarter.

Abeka textbooks are used.

Sandra Lohutko

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