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1930 Meyer Drury Drive
Suite B
Arnold, MO  63010

4th Grade


  • Learning English measurements and converting from one measure to another
  • Multiplying with two and three digit factors
  • Working with fractions
  • Two digit divisors
  • Story problems (reasoning)
  • Decimals
  • Introduction to algebra and geometry
  • Learning who Jesus is as the God-man
  • Answering questions as to why this is important to us today even as children
  • Building Christian principles discovered through Biblical events
  • We should expect to have a test each Friday. All tests are open book and should encourage students to keep a good workbook and be attentive during teaching time.

  • Building a love for our country and those who have gone before us as the Spirit of God led them.
  • There will be a focus on the influence of other countries on our nation.
  • History will be graded on both tests and projects.
  • Geography and map reading are also covered.
  • Learning mastery skills for the English language.
  • Eight parts of speech.
  • Subjects and predicates - subject verb agreement.
  • Clauses.
  • Compounds.
  • Four sentence types and punctuation.
  • Writing a personal narrative-a good book report- essay writing - well written paragraphs.
  • Diagramming.
  • Punctuation.
  • Students are expected to use cursive writing on a daily basis.
  • Penmanship skills will be practiced and those with particular needs will have daily assignments in penmanship.
  • Workbook with weekly list of 15 spelling vocabulary words plus 3 words from other sources.
  • Trial test every Thursday.
  • Test on Friday. 
We will study the wonders of the planet on which we live and being grateful to the great God who planned and created it.

  • Weekly comprehension tests.
  • Short stories and literature discussions.
  • Book reports.


Building Life Castles (Positive Action for Christ)

The History of Our United States ( ABEKA)

Easy Grammar 4 (Easy Grammar Systems)

Understanding God’s World

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Vita Stimpson

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