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8th Grade Science


8th Grade Science

Earth Science is the focus for all of our study for the 8th grade students.

The year starts with a unit that helps the student develop a strong Christian worldview. The study also helps the student understand right and wrong Science. Theories of the origin of the universe are discussed and compared with the Biblical Truth. To complete the first quarter, the students will study the motions of the Earth and a short unit on how scientists study the celestial bodies.

The Sun, the Moon and the Planets are explored as part of our study for the 2nd quarter. In addition, a unit on rocketry and manned space missions will be items for exploration.

For the 2nd semester, a complete four chapter unit on our atmosphere will be the target of our course of study. The unit begins with course work dealing with atmospheric water. An introduction to Meteorology is also a major chapter in this field of study.

To conclude the year the students will learn about weather forecasting and analyzing weather formations.

Doug Rose

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