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7th Grade Science


7th Grade Science
Students at Victory Christian during their 7th grade year will have an entire year of Life Science.
During the first quarter students will study the meaning of Science and Faith and how the Bible can help us find the Truth in this physical world. In addition, the Scientific Method and how we classify living things will challenge the students. To conclude the first quarter, the cell and its structure will be the topic of many our lectures and labs.
During the second quarter, the study of Genetics and Genetic changes will be addressed. This study will lead us into our discussion on Biblical Creation vs. Biological Evolution. It is my hope that the students will be able to defend their beliefs with the use of specific scripture. This unit will carry over into the third quarter.
A unit on animal and human reproduction will be introduced. Our 7th grade Science book will be used in conjunction with our Health book for this important unit.
To complete the year, an extensive look at Human Anatomy will be addressed. With the use of models and lab activities the students will have an understanding of the complexity of human life and a greater awareness of how we can take care of the body that God has given to us.

Judy Boehmer

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