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6th Grade Science


6th Grade Science

Sixth-grade Science at VCA is a General Science class with topics in the fields of Earth, Physical and Life Science being addressed.
The year opens with a unit on plants, their structures, and features. The process of photosynthesis is discussed and lab work will be done in this important process.
In the 2nd quarter, invertebrate animals are studied with an emphasis on classification of animals in general to open the unit.
During the 3rd quarter, Earth Science is addressed with an emphasis on the understanding of the characteristics and abilities of light energy. From there, an understanding and study of the planets is introduced.
If time permits, an additional unit on Space Probes and Space Stations will complete the unit.
To complete the school year, a nine week unit on Matter and Chemistry will challenge our students. Topics of elements, molecules and compounds will be discussed with an emphasis on the Periodic Table of elements.

Judy Boehmer

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