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7th Grade Math


7th Grade Math

7th grade math students will be instructed in the areas of:
  • Solving expressions and equations using adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, and rational numbers;
  • Number theory
  • Inequalities
  • Ratios, proportions, and percentages
  • Geometry
  • Area and volume


Pre-Algebra by BJU Press
BJU Press:
BJU Press has developed a curriculum that blends factual knowledge and critical thinking skills with Biblical truth. Their materials help students not only to read, multiply fractions, and recognize grammar principles, but also to understand and evaluate what they read, solve problems, and write with conviction and clarity. They offer multiple approaches and activities in every lesson, allowing each teacher to address unique needs. BJU Press produces explicitly Christian texts with the best scholarship to help students learn to do critical analysis, to solve problems and to consider values in making godly choices in their lives.

Diane Smith

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